Penny Stocks And Shares

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Penny Stock Information.?

What I know is that penny stocks are a gamble, there is a lot of scams involving them like pump and drop, and people don’t tend to like them. I’m not going to get involved in emails telling me to buy this and that. I only want to invest 50 bucks and penny stocks seem to fit what I want. That being said I would like to ask some questions. Lets say I buy a penny stock at 1 penny a share and it goes up to like 50 cents. I used 40 bucks worth of money to buy them on an online trading site. ok now I want to sell it at 50 cents a share. How hard would it be to sell the stock? On maor stocks people say its almost instant and they usually find buyers right away. But what if you sell your penny stocks, will you be stuck with it or is it relatively easy to sell when you want? Or you buy a penny share, it goes up 50 cents or a dallor and then you try and sell it and no one buys it and your stuck with it ?

with penny stocks it is a crap shoot but rest assure someone will buy them if you sell them. I have had some luck with some stocks a little higher then the penny and never once had a problem selling them.

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