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ok… i need serious help. i found this amazingly cute bathing suit at JC Pennys and i bought it today…well i bought the top…but they didnt have bottoms in stock. so i thought i could find them online. i tried and they dont even show them on the website. it wasnt on clearence or anything so it wouldnt be taken off the site yet.
-the suit is a bandeau
-it has a hot pink heart in the center
-it has stripes on the top and ploka dots on the bottoms,
-stripes and polka dots are black on white
so what i need is something like this or similar IN BLACK…|57437

or any other black and pink or solid black skirted bottom with a stripe or polkadot design.

the bottoms aren’t even that cute! if you want just pair them up with some short short jeans! thats always a cute look for the beach!

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