Invest In Penny Shares

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would you invest in a penny stock worth .002p?

share your stories of investing in pennystocks, did you make loads? how to find the good ones? any research websites?

I bought some before, nothing happened, got bored so I sold and then three weeks later boom, shot up four times, happened twice!

it is possible for some, like for this arrogant jerk

I would do it, but I am a severe risk taker. You have to make a plan of when to stay in and when to get out. I made a killing off of fanniemae and freddie this week when they where in penny stock status but they are not like traditional penny stocks. You actually know they have value, so you can trade them. If I were you and did not care if I lost the money and I knew all about the company and how certain things affect the stock then I would at least try it.

How To Trade Penny Stocks Successfully

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