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I need some good stock investing strategies that work to make you rich? Please help/advise. Thanks.?

I am 18 and new to the stock markets. I have read books on it though. I am also an investor in penny or AIM listed oil companies. I want to become a milllionaire before age 30, and I’m looking for some proven stock investing strategies to get me there. Does anybody know of any proven stock investing strategies that work to make you rich? What about trend trading, and if so, on what types of stocks?

Gambling has nothing to do with the stock market. Unfortunately, those that equate the stock market to gambling, do it based on their own experiences of losing money in the stock market. This doesn’t “prove” that the stock market is a gambling mechanism. It only proves that they didn’t posses the basic intellect needed in order to make informed decisions based on factual evidence.

For hundreds of years, us humans have valued subjects based on our own personal experiences and not taking into consideration the very plausible fact that rather than that particular item having a lacking quality, it very well could have been us that had the lacking quality in our basic use of logic. I often find this to be true with people who purchase stocks and subsequently lose all their money. The first to be blamed is usually the stock market itself, then the Government, then the television commentators, then the blog site in which the investor received the “free” stock tip, and so on and so forth. The last person we often blame is ourselves because, unfortunately, a stupid person is usually the last person to realize that he is stupid.

The fact is, 80% of those who purchase stocks end up losing money. But, there is a small group who make money consistently by using common sense and patients. These people are called Value Investors.

In closing, you can’t be stupid and make money in the stock market. There are a lot of crooked people who work in this industry, but none of them are stupid. If you’ve failed at everything else in your life, at this job and that one, don’t expect to be successful at making money in the stock market. It takes intelligence, time, and a strong passion. If you lack one of them and don’t have all three of them, I guarantee you – you’ll be just another statistic of someone who purchased a stock and didn’t know what they were doing. Then, you can complain on a message board similar to this one and tell people the stock market is just a “gambling” casino when the fact is you aren’t intelligent enough to be purchasing stocks to begin with.

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