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Which online broker is best for Super Sub Penny stocks?

I know some of the brokers charge an additional amount per # of shares over 1000. If I’m investing in super sub penny stocks (.0001) then I’ll be buying and selling hundreds of thousands to multi millions of shares, if I were to use Sharebuilder, it would cost me a fortune to make a trade. Which broker is best for this type of trading? Which has the most penny stocks to trade with (Sharebuilder doesnt really do many penny stocks)? Which broker has no limitations on the number of shares you can buy, meaning the trade is always the same flat fee. Along with which is the cheapest to trade with? I’m considering Zecco and Tradeking. Thanks

Ameritrade and Scottrade are also worth considering. Both of these should let you trade the entire universe of Pink Sheets and OTCBB stocks, the two major penny share categories, as well as any listed penny shares.

Be wary, though. A large proportion of penny stocks are promoted via spam emails by the people who hold the majority of the shares after having bought the shares for next to nothing; when they have exhausted the market for the shares, the price collapses and they move on to their next fraud.

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