How To Day Trade Penny Stocks

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How do I make money in college?

I am currently a Junior in High school and of course I am thinking about college pretty much non stop. So I’m wondering how do I make money in college, I dint want to work at a regular job since i’ll be busy studying and having fun, also I dislike authority. I was thinking day trading and buying penny stocks or volunteering for experiments on campus. I dont need the money, I just want the money my parents are going to give me a little amount every month or so, but I just want more of it.

I’m not sure if day trading is reliable and if you wouldn’t need to put in a lot of effort and capital. There isn’t a lot of paying experiments in colleges like people have heard from television and movies. If you’re kind and smart in a certain subject I would suggest private tutoring. If you’re in a good major you can get a paid summer internship for serious cash.

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