Stock Market Day Trading

stock market day trading
does weekends count as a 5 day trading in stock market?

okay it says if you make more then 4 trades in 5 days its going to be marked as a day trader and have to put in 25,000 but my question is if you made like made a trade like 2 trades on Wednesday sold two on Friday will the weekends count as the 5 days and can i trade on Monday or no

Only business days are counted as trading days

You can do 4 trades in 5 days, you can even do 5 trades in 5 days, BUT not all day traders are pattern traders, but pattern traders are day traders.
AND under the pattern trader rule, you need “to put in” more than $25,000 since the rule states that you need to have $25,000 minimum equity in your account at all times. And there is a big difference between carrying a balance of $25,000 and having minimum equity of $25,000

So to answer your other question – Yes you can make 2 trades on Wednesday and sold two on Friday, yes you can trade on Monday. But be careful what securities you “trade”
AND – remember, that you can sell a security unless you have made payment in full (or deposited proper margin) before you sell it, if you don’t make payment and sell it, your account is restricted for 90 days or until payment in full is deposited and you can not use the proceeds of the sale to cover the purchase.

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