Awesome Penny Stocks

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Do you think General Mills (GIS) is a good stock to buy in todays market?

The stock is near an all-time high, but with people watching every penny they spend, more and more people are deciding to eat in instead of going out to eat. General Mills products include: Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Hamburger Helper, Green Giant Veggies, Totino’s Pizza and Pizza Rolls, Progresso Soup, Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, and the awesome cheesy biscuits at Red Lobster!
I am planning on holding the stock for at least 10 years.
General Mills has a Food Service division that supplies restaurants with a variety of different food items. Red Lobster buys their cheesy garlic biscuit dough from General Mills Food Services division.
Gerneral Mills also makes Nature Valley Granola Bars. Mmmmmm
General Mills has given a dividend for 108 years in a row and is now 2.7%. Good dividend yield.

There certainly are a lot worse stocks out there. Food is one of the last things people can do without, although prepared foods are further down on the list of withouts than the more basic variety such as potatos for example. But it would not surprise me in the least if most people today have forgotten the skill of boiling a potato or for that matter how to peel one. But I do believe most folks know how to pop one in the microwave and set timer to 2 minutes and press the start button.

GIS is consistantly profitable and pays a dividend that is competitive with the current t-bill rate and has been consistantly increased.

How did Red Lobster get included here? It is part of Darden.

Awesome Penny Stocks

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