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Are PCWorld employees trained to lie?

Sorry, long story.
A few weks ago I tried to buy an internal mulicard reader from my local PCWorld*, when I asked a sales assistant about them I was told “They’re not very good thats why we don’y stock them”, she then pointed me to an SD/USB device and I walked away fairly happy.
Today I went in and asked for a SATA to ATA adapter and was told “They’re not very good that why we don’y stock them”.
The penny dropped and so I went home and checked out reviews for both types of devices and could not find any particularly bad reviews for either.
A) Has anyone had similar Experiences with PCWorld and
B) If you are a PCWorld employee, are you expected to lie to customers.
Tritton Road
I should of explained, I’m not a novice at system building, just sometimes I need parts that day.

tell me about it………

I bought a pc from them for £600 the guy kept swiping my card (saying to me its come up declined) after the 7th time I took the card red faced & I had to go to the bank to find out why i couldnt make payment knowing I had just been paid & the bank said my card is declined as i have 7 payments to pc world @ £600 each…………..

I went back to the store & they would not refund or give me the pc. after many calls to head office & almost a week later we turned up in the store kids in tow hungry needing nappies & said we were not leaving untill we got our money & pc…….
we told every customer that walked through the door what had happend & soon they had no customers & police were called. we told the police they could arrest us if they wanted but we were not leaving without our goods & money. the police spoke to the manager who made a phone call & 10 mins LATER THE MONEY WAS BACK IN THE BANK YAY…..

They blamed their problem on a computer error….. What a great advert lol

Nathan Gold Penny Stock Egghead Review

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