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How to claim/find lost stock from a company that Hershey acquired?

I was given stock in Peter Paul candy (late 1960′s) which was acquired by Cadbury then acquired by Hershey’s. Where do I begin to reclaim this stock? I no longer have the stock certificate. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the Hershey Co. investor relations website with information on how to contact them. Send them a letter relating as many details as you can remember as to how and when the stock was acquired, and the number of shares acquired at that time. It is too bad that you lost the stock certificate because then it would have been up to the Hershey Co. to prove that the stock was redeemed without the certificate. But don’t give up hope, but it probably will take quite a while to trace it back. Send the letter directly to Mark K. Pogharian, VP of Investor Relations, always go as high as you can. Good luck.

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