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What does this mean in stock markets?

For stocks priced below $1.00, the commission is ½% of the principal value subject to a $3.00 minimum.

also, I was checking out’s 3 dollar transfer for unlimited shares. Would this be good for penny trading? Is there a catch here?

Could anyone walk me through this, please? I am pretty new to the idea of penny stock. Where do I get the software to watch the stocks that are under $1.00? Thank you very much!

a penny stock is any stock less than $5. they are typically traded on the OTC bulletin boards or pink sheets exchange, which are not regulated by the SEC like the New York Stock Exchange is.

what does this mean? that a lot of penny stocks are nothing but fake companies set up to lure traders in, and once you buy in, the companies are bankrupted and the person makes off with your money. in other words they are scams. not all of them are scams, but you need to be aware how easily fake they can be if they are not traded on a legitimate exchange.

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