Potential Penny Stocks

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Name some penny stocks that are blue chip potential years to come?

Penny stocks are risky I know, I’m a risk taker. Name me some that are potentially on the verge of being Blue Chip stocks in the future. So I can gamble a little bit. I’m trying to build the rags to riches portfolio. Hahahahaha. Help me out. I invest with Share builder.

Chances of finding any potential blue chip stocks on the pink sheet has a probability approaching zero. Absolutely none of the current blue chips began on the pink sheet to my knowledge.

By the way. All investments are gambles, but some are crap shoots.

It is my opinion that your best chance at rags to riches might involve researching a few of the biotech stocks that currently have several drugs in the evaluation stages but at this point in time do not have much income. If they hit a big drug, they will become another Amgen. They are risky but at least there is some potential for reward.

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