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there is huge information how to use it ?

i am found of penny stocks can any body guide me how to use information like 5to200day (DM) ,52WEEK HIGH LOW , P/E RATIO

A word of caution to start with would be order. Kindly try and avoid investing your hard earned money in penny stocks even if you are found of them because of their low prices.

Now getting to your question.

The 5 to 200 (DM) stands for the 5 day and the 200 day daily moving average. You could apply the simple moving average or the weighted moving average or the exponential moving avaerage depending on your system requirements.

The 52 Week High/Low is the high and low prices the stock under study has achieved over the immidiately preceeding 52 weeks or one year.

The P/E ratio is the price to earnings ratio which can be obtained by dividing the current market price with the earnings per share of the stock under study. If the P/E ratio is unreasonably high in comparison to its peers, then caution is advised as it may be over priced at that price level.

RSS MKED is probably rss marked, you may consider doing a search for this term to gain a better understanding of it.

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Guide To Penny Stocks – Penny Stock Egghead

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