Free Penny Stock Chat

Typical Penny Stock Chat Members ;-)

Typical Penny Stock Chat Members

Penny Pickers is starting to see a good amount of traffic and it’s time to get the free penny stock chat buzzing.  We currently have one private group that occasionally uses a private chat room and an only a few visitors in the public chat.  Come join the public chat and talk about your winning stock picks.  Here is the registration page for the Penny Picker Chat room.  If you have a group of people, you can even start your own passworded private group all free.

Why the registration to join the chat? This way everyone keeps their same username and it keeps the trolls out who can steal other member names and generally cause trouble.

I am paying a monthly fee for the live chat application, so if the chat room gets little use I’ll need to close it. So over the next month I am going to make a final push. I’ll be giving out personal invites at Tim Sykes seminar in Vegas, and will even buy you a drink if you help me prime the chat well. When on Tim’s Product page, look for the link: 2nd Annual PennyStocking Conference – Register for the 2-day conference pass (October 18-19th LIVE in Las Vegas) I would love to see some of the Penny Picker visitors in Vegas.

Once registered, you can log into live penny stock chat and follow the market live with others that have an interest.

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