How would i go about becoming an investor in the NYSE?

Well recently i have made up my mind due to some new amounts of money i received . And i want to invest it . I actually live here in New York City and id like to know as a novice investor how do i go about investing in something as huge as the NYSE .

Your best bet is to take an ammount of money you are comfortable in not using for years to a broker. Letting someone else handle your money while being “green” is your best bet. However, don’t invest anything you are not comfortable with losing.

The NYSE is a composite index made up of numerous companies. Other indexes would be AMEX and NASDAQ. Truthfully, it is not as simple as just wandering into the exchange and purchasing a stock. Most transactions are done electronically now and are very complex. There are also many ways to “exchange” a stock, ie: short, long, short-sell, put, call, margin, cash, and so on. Without any prior knowledge of this, chances are, you may lose your money very quickly.

Leave it to the professionals and watch your portfolio grow.

Wall Street traders NYSE tour

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