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The upcoming share dividend season in Australia has traders and investors licking their lips.

The majority of high yielding stocks will be paying their final dividends for the financial year. So many stocks will be going ex-dividend within such a short time between August and September. It will be a feeding frenzy ..especially for those serial dividend traders trading in and out of shares to pocket the dividends and the franking credits.

Look for Fully Franked shares with a short duration to the payment date. This helps keep the cash-flow in black.

Consider fading high yielding shares that have under shot at latest earnings on the ex-dividend date even if they have briefly shown positive momentum into the ex-dividend date.  By doing this you can offset some of your long positions to reduce market risk. One thing is for sure, you need some hedging from current market turbulence, and pairs trading high dividend stocks around the ex-dividend date is a great way to gain this.

It can be difficult to source a free schedule of ex-dividend dates. Trial for not only a guide to upcoming dividends but also three other useful tools to help dividend investors and traders.

There is a useful Dividend History page that provides the history of dividend payments for all 2200 ASX stocks. The Dividend Forecast  tab provides a 4 year forecast of dividend per share (dps) and earnings per share (eps).

Perhaps best of all there is a unique share screener using dividend and basic fundamental data. Users can filter by sector, in concert with your other stock picking tools.~ This data should not be used on its own, but in concert with your other stock picking resources.}

Use options, futures, ASX mini’s or barrier warrants to manage risk by selling a corellated index or stock. Alternatively, use a Stop. Stops need to be wide due to current market volatility.

How to Search for Good Stocks to Trade Using Stock Screener

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