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Opportunities Appear With These Amazing Stocks!

While many big firms have spent the last few years wildly paring back their operations, future players have been making their names as hot OTCBB stocks. So-called Bulletin-board stocks are very small firms that are only getting started or are nearly finished. There aren't any minimum requirements for listing a stock on the boards, while the low trading volumes of most hot OTCBB stocks means that there is a reasonably high trading commission. Naturally, there's a factor of risk attached to making an investment in such firms, but the rewards can be giant contrasted to the comparatively small sums required to start in these stocks.

Turn Your Change Jar Into a Collection of Hot OTCBB Stocks

Aptly named Florida Micro (FLMC) has been silently building a portfolio of network solutions contracts with over 25 govt. entities. This guarantees a constant money flow while the company pursues expansion prospects in other sectors of the IT services industry. FLMC has gone as low as a plain penny and as high as $5 in its 52-week trading range. With the price now steady at around $0.70 and revenues of $36 million annually, the stock looks like it is prepared to leg up into the higher ranks of hot OTCBB stocks 2012.

For a stock that is certain to achieve a new high in 2012, CBIS, Blow Science Inc, is the way to go. Currently trading at $0.02, Weed has fluctuated from $0.01 to $0.14. Volume is appropriately high and its share price equals its guessed earnings of $0.02 a share.

Sonora Resources Company (SURE) has been showing signals of breakout with its increased daily trade volumes and upward trending cost. Its 52-week trading range is from $0.10 to $0.76 and currently stands around $0.44. Sonora is a mining operation with properties in northern Mexico. Many startup precious metals operations have been making the list of hot OTCBB stocks latterly.

Chris Green has been writing about these opportune penny stocks and has always brought us the most up to date stock tips for the last 5 years.

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