Nasdaq Penny Stocks

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Selecting Your System

The OTCBB pink sheet debate is well know to anybody inquisitive about trading over the counter stocks. Some financiers swear by the structured environment of the OTCBB system. Others insists the variety offered by the pink sheet system is actually worth the added risk. Which side you take in the discussion will rely principally on your investing style. How much control do you need over your investment choices? Is the potential for expansion more significant than risk management? These are questions you must ask yourself before you jump straight into the OTCBB pink sheet discussion.

OTCBB Pink Sheet: Which Is Better?

To understand the difference between OTCBB pink sheet , you’ve first got to understand how each system functions. The OTCBB listing and trading method is owned by NASDAQ. It is generally considered to be the most main line of the two systems. It lists over the counter stocks that don't meet NASDAQ’s listing requirements, but it does impose 1 or 2 rules of its own. For one thing, all firms listed must be current with their SEC filings. This regulation makes it simpler for investors to investigate OTCBB corporations before they start buying stocks. It also provides guarantee to speculators who the stocks belong to legitimized corporations.

Not like the OTCBB, the pink sheets enforce only a few rules. They list all over the counter stocks that don't meet the requirements of the regular market, including those listed with the OTCBB. Corporations noted on the pink sheets nonetheless , needn't be current with the SEC. This suggests that while the pink sheets list a bigger number of stocks, plenty of the stocks are difficult to research and don't boast the security of SEC authorization.

In the final analysis, it is up to each financier to select which system best fits their style. If you'd like access to the best spread of stocks and you don't mind taking a few risks , the pink sheets are the way to go. If you would rather sacrifice variety for the sake of security, the OTCBB should be your system. Whichever system you choose nevertheless , there is not any doubt the OTCBB pink sheet debate will rage on for many years to come .

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