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Is American Diversified Holdings Corporation safe?

Do you think ADHC is a safe investment? I’m 16 years old and intrigued by the stock market. I am aware that penny stocks aren’t typically safe. They are currently priced at 00.0010$, this low price is unappealing because it gives the impression that the company isn’t extremely successful. They do plan to merge with a larger company. I’m wondering does this cause the stock to rise or to disappear (0$ value). I have about 1,700$ to work with and i’m curious if this stock should interest me. weekly reports

Do not jump into any penny stock, you will almost certainly lose your shirt.
Penny stocks are a game – if you don’t understand what the rules are, you are almost certainly on the wrong end of it.
This is a site I recommend to beginners – it has lots of articles on how the game works, and how it’s played.

The next step is to look at the broker survey on the site above, and find a broker that offers paper trading – that is, simulated trading, using no money. You can practice making trades and see if you can make good investment decisions.

American Community Development Group, Inc. (ACYD) Penny Stock Trading Chart_11/8/2013

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