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What is the best web site to use to purchase penny stocks?

I have looked at many sites and was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to which site to use to purchase penny stocks. I will only be purchasing penny stocks, so websites and brokers that only allow a certain percentage of your portfolio to be penny stocks will not work. I used to use merril lynch, but they changed their policies and now only allow they purchase of stocks priced $1 or more. I was thinking sharebuilder.com looks good, but they add a fee of like .001 per share to each stock priced under $1. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!
Jerry – Thanks for not answering my question at all. Obviously if I’m trading penny stocks I’ve done my research and understand the risks.

Penny stocks are a terrible investment. Trading commissions are the least of your worries.

Poor liquidity.
Wide bid/ask spreads make them extremely expensive to trade.
Lack of basic financial information to analyze.
No coverage by Wall Street analysts.
Quite a few turn out to be frauds.
Even the real companies are cheap for a reason. High debt, no revenue, etc.
Lots of penny stocks are promoted in “pump and dump” scams.
Penny stock web sites and advisory services are almost always scams.

You see stuff on Yahoo Answers like some guy trying to promote a penny stock that has 3 employees. Think about that. Why is this company public? What fool would buy it?

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