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Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc. Good or Bad Investment?

hello, my name is matt and im looking for a company to invest it. I am 17 and getting ready for college in fall. My goal by investing in the stock market is to have enough money for a downpayment on a car when i get out of college in 5 years. Right now im looking at buying a penny stock Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc (Ticker symbol BEHL). This is a company that is working on turning algae into fuel. If successful i believe stocks will skyrocket. Im looking at putting about $300 in right now while it is still a penny, then if it begins to rise, i will keep reinvesting what i make until i make a certain amount of money (undetermined yet). Do you think that it would be a good buy to take a shot at this penny stock? or do you think that this will go bankrupt in a matter of months and ill be out $300?

Let me know what you think, any and all opinions will be appreciated and i will vote best answer!

Thanks everyone

The company has released about 10 press releases since November 9th. Most every few days in December and this Jan. I find that the more these little companies brag, the more desperate for money they are. Strike 1.
They are in a business that is full of microcap companies with “the latest and greatest” breakthrough. They are a dime a dozen and non of them are worth that. Strike 2.
Many of the other companies in the business can brag that they are connected with the biology/biochemistry departments of major universities. These researchers are the ones that can get big energy and education type grants. BEHL does not brag about this type of connection. Strike 3.
And lastly, they may very well have the “latest and greatest breakthrough” but at this stage of the game, it is too early to tell who the winners are.


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