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buying stocks

Is Buying Gold Coins Smart

Why should you buy gold coins? Gold coins come in several varieties – Krugerrands, Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs, fractional gold bullion coins, and many more. Gold coins are an excellent asset because taxes are not levied on them, nor are there any other expenses. They are a good way to save as well. Some people prefer to invest in gold mining shares, but this comes with a risk of a loss. In addition, gold coins are considered a rare commodity and as such, it is unlikely that they will be devalued in the near future. You will not be easily tempted to trade coins because you should personally take them out of the bank where you keep them, and then you will have to exchange or sell them, again depositing money in your bank. For this reason, they are called forced savings.

Some people like the idea of buying gold coins, and especially the Canadian Maple Leaf, because it is believed they bring good luck. It sounds silly, but only to those who have never held a pure 24-caret Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin in their hand. With that in mind, it is best to invest in different coins. The list is quite long. Moreover, gold coins are a good way to protect your savings from inflation and a timeless investment. Gold has stood the test of inflation – if anything, the global crisis has propelled its value up as major currencies are going down.

A reason to buy single gold coins is they are easy to transport, carry, and store. They can be stored in vaults and safe deposit boxes, but if you urgently need them for whatever reason, it won’t be a problem to take them out. When buying coins, you should be careful, though. You may want to find a reputable dealer who will tell you the difference between counterfeit and real coins. Also, those who are not experts usually invest in gold bullion coins first, which are minted by governments. Investors with sound knowledge also buy collectibles.

Gold coins are considered the monetary tool of the future by many. Developing countries such as India and China favor gold to an extreme and are the superpowers of the future. Their populations, labor capacity, and amount of intelligence are skyrocketing. Gold bullion investing is extremely popular in both countries. The tendency to make money through gold is analogical to the one of buying stocks and businesses that profit from the success of India and China. This is also a good and viable idea.

Many choose to invest in gold coins due to their high liquidity. You can sell or trade them wherever in the world you wish.

Finally, for many investors, the 1/20 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf is a good choice. It is liquid, easily accessible, and preferred by collectors and investors alike. Want to buy gold certificates or gold accounts? Don”t know what is your best option? Visit for more info.

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