Good Penny Stock

good penny stock
is Tlle a good penny stock to buy?

Buy at 8 or 9 cents sell at 11 or 13 cent.

Is this a good stock to do some day trading with?

First off, what makes you think it will go to 11 cents? and 13 cents? What do you see in it that makes you think it will go up to that price range? What makes you think it won’t go down? If you can’t answer any of that then your money doesn’t belong there. Asking other people for trading tips is the worst thing to do especially on Yahoo answers. Do your own due dilligence then plan your trade and trade your plan. I would suggest picking up a few books and paper trading first before using real money. Penny stocks are HIGH risk and should not be tempered with if you are inexperienced. The losses incurred from these high risk trade can be substantial. I have a blog that details my trading experience in penny stocks and I aim to help readers with what I am doing. Feel free to email me if you are interested.

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