Stock Market Game

stock market game
Online Stock Market Game, What stocks to invest?

So my teacher introduced us to the online stock market game, we started of with 100,000 currency he didn’t not say much about it. My question is what stocks to invest, bonds, and mutual funds? I tried a couple of websites for example, wall street journal and etc.. I would really appreciate any information, anything would be helpful and useful.

It’s great that you are playing an online stock game. I am playing two different ones myself and i have done very well. I suggest researching and investing in companies of interest to you. Companies like BestBuy, Apple, McDonald’s, HomeDepot, etc. I actually highly recommend McDonald’s and HomeDepot stock. Just take a look at their stock charts sometime. Be sure to diversify your portfolio and don’t just buy a lot of one or two stocks, but buy a variety of stocks. Most online stock games limit your purchases anyway to promote this. Have fun with it!

The Stock Market Game

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