Best Penny Pick Stock

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What is the best way to make money buying Penny Stocks?

What would be a good source of information to pick “winners”?
Is paying for a subscription to a Penny Stock Newsletter worth the money? If so…what would be the best one to subscribe to?

money can be made in Penny stocks….unlike others here I am not afraid to put money is a good penny.

But if you think I get my inspiration from pumping penny rags…you are crazy?

The best way to pick penny stocks is to INVEST your time in learning how to technically read a stock chart and how to fundamentally read a balance/income/cashflow sheet.

You can get decent financials from decent penny stocks….no financial info….no investment.

Find pennies that have little or no debt and a revenue stream or some debt that is not increasing and revenues that increase with time….stocks like this do exist but they are not easy to find and RARELY if ever do they get pumper Buzz…they don’t need it.

Technical Analysis will help you to decide when to buy in and when to get out.

That is the best way to make money from any class of stock…..LEARN SOME SKILLS is my advice.

Top Penny Stock Picks 2013? The Stuff CNBC’s Not Telling You.

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