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How To Retire In 18-24 Months

There has been a lot written about of late about methods to create lifetime passive unearned income. Thanks to the recession, most baby boomers (like me) are on the lookout for paths to regain some of the wealth we lost during the past 5 years.

I had amassed over 20 properties with a retail paper value of over 4,000,000 dollars. I had stocks and liquid cash of over $400,000. As property values plummeted and the notes keep coming due my liquid cash started to rapidly dwindle. All of my 22 properties went on sale though not a buyer was to be found.

Sound a little familiar? Like almost all of you, I lost just about everything and then the depression set in. Well, as I regrouped and gathered up my horses I started to have a look for ways to get back on top. I explored penny stocks, net list building, affiliate marketing, Multi Level Marketing, even poker, but never really revealed that car to ride into the sunset days with.

I am self employed, I have a family and bills to pay, I got a mortgage on a house that is too big, so I gotta work full time. I am in difficulty huh. Perhaps not.

An old mate of mine I use to trade forex with back when I had some play money emailed me and said,” George, I've a programme right up you ally I would like you to have a look at.” Now, everything she has done during the past has turned to gold, so I took a look.

Her pitch to me was a mega antioxidant product that tasted good and worked. Well, I regard myself as a gurus degreed physiologist, been in health and fitness for over 25 years. I got 3 gold medals in weightlifting; I've trained over 20,000 people including pro players which most of you have heard of. I also get asked to recommend each Tom, Dick, and Harry product ever made each week. But out of kindness,I took a look,Ok, it fact it was a great product, I've seen one better of late, but there are a million top products, so how is this going to help George in my search for passive remaining lifetime revenue. I'm self-employed; I ain’t got lots of money or time to invest at the moment.

She said,” the sorcery is in the company George. It is structured on a linear model. (Ok, wup-tee-do) This structure creates a direct sales effect where everyone in the Company this one direct line under each other.” She was still talking over my head.

What she was pronouncing was this. This company owns 3 of the top 5 spots in Google for business proposition type key words. So when you join this company, order their super antioxidant super powder stuff, you take it, you live long and flourish.

Here’s the kicker. Everyone that joins through their advertising efforts is put under you in a single line. This will blow your gourd for one hour of work a week; you'll make over $2,400 a month forever after 24 months! That's if you do nothing except stay in!!! I know, I believed it was a handful of hype crap to, but as I got more into it I realized I had been graced with desire I wanted: passive, ongoing income with no selling, no hiring, no problems, and no cons (not even haters on you tube)

And with just a little work, you can speed up this revenue (oh, yea, I'm there) to $100, 000 a month! Hope you will have a look!

George Herring is a 19 time world champion and experts degreed exercise physiologist. To learn more about this extraordinary lifetime passive ongoing income program go to Visit and get his $39 PDF “how to lose 10 pound in a week” FREE

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