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This might sound stupid, but StocksRobot.Com picked 6 winners, should I try an actual trade this Monday?

So I am interested in people who make a living trading stocks, espeically penny stocks. I bought into this software and I have been impressed with the picks to date. 6 winners in a row, I am very tempted to do an actual trade come Market open on Monday. I am going to start small and hopefully build up. I know a lot of people say that software dies out and can’t keep up with the market, but this is by far the best ROI I have ever seen with online advice. I really could have made a lot of money if I put some real trades in. Even if this does get out dated, isn’t it worth it for now? Any feedback would be great.

If it is Robot then few trials by the user without risking the money are advised to arrive at success rate

& if not There are few points needs consideration

It is not the picks but the technique that matters & what is the true success rate, normally people write about the most sucessfull picks & hide the failures not only that if after the recommedation the scripts jumps with a gap that is counted as money earned where as that is the previous day price not after you have bought on recommedation

I would like to have self trials & but the software myself

The Penny Stock Egghead. Trading strategies best online tools tutorial software. Part 1

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