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Is there a device or software that allows a computer to receive and share a wifi signal?

By feeding the signal into a router?

I will visit a hotel or another wifi hotspot location and pick up wireless signal on my laptop. I would like to share this wireless connection (wirelessly) with 2-3 other users. Ideally, I would like my computer to act like a wireless router

You could probably do this with a second Wi-Fi card attached to your laptop. What you’re asking about is called an Ad-Hoc network. It’s a capability built in to the wireless cards, so that if you have a wired connection, you could act as a short-range router for other devices. But I don’t believe that a card is capable of both connecting to the infrastructure (normal) network and creating an Ad-Hoc network at the same time. I know that Macs at least can share the Internet connection fro Wi-Fi over bluetooth, if you have that in the computer.

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