Penny Stock Profit

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How did people make 1000 times profit on stocks recommended by the Equidata Investor newsletter?

Met one guy who made over 4000 times profit in 3 months on a penny stock. Its real, he showed me the statement from his broker. How can I get in on this?

Ask him to show you his tax returns for the past three years. Did he make a fortune in stocks? I think not. He may have done this once, but I’d bet he lost plenty of times too. A horse player never talks about the times he loses. Don’t be taken in. Or if you are, consider whatever you lose as the cost of an education. Investing is like life. You can do very well for yourself if you do the right things. You can end up in a living hell if you do the wrong things.

Timothy Sykes Review – How to Profit From Penny Stocks

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