Free Penny Stock Tips

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Anyone have a good tip for penny stock or really low cost stock that could be bought now?

Looking for a start-up company, something temporarily low, ect. If it is so good you don’t want to publish it online and would rather email me personally please feel free.

I got in at 24 cents for 10 000 shares. Currently at 17 cents, but this is a stock that was at 10$ before the reccession, 17 cents is not its value. A DOLLAR is not its value. It even reached 20$ in 2004, the potential is here.

Get in the ride before its too late, buy a lot.
Btw the company makes wheels and other stuff “Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. was originally founded in 1908 and is the world’s largest producer of automotive and commercial highway steel and aluminum wheels. ”

So basically it makes wheels and only 20% of its business is in the states so the crash of the auto industry in US is not really a factor.
This company does a lot of business with FORD and FORD just said that they’re increasing production by 25%.

Penny Stock Advice

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