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Best website for penny stock picks?

I know penny stocks are risky but I want to hear ppl who do penny stocks and want to know how you do yourself for some insight on this whole penny stock investment

There is no form of reliable Penny Stock news. Information on penny stocks should always be suspect. They aren’t called “Story Stocks” for no reason!

The keys to be successful in Penny Stocks are;
1) Only trade highly liquid stocks. If your Penny Stock trades at $4 a share…. I’d like to make sure the average daily volume is over 600,000 shares. Obviously, the lower the price the more share volume you need to see. Don’t be victim to an easy purchase but hard to sell.

2) Determine the trend. Only trade the trend.

3) Be highly skilled at risk management. If you’re not….. you’re just gambling.

4) Use your brokers software to find stocks below $5 with high volume & higher than normal volume (plus any other criteria you think is important).

5) Be realistic with your stops & always honor them.

I trade penny stocks on a rare occasion. Mostly for fun. When I want to trade to make money I do stocks over $20….. just easier & certainly as a whole…. much more profitable (over the long haul).

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