Penny Stock Trading System

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I need some undervalued stocks or penny stocks to buy right now? I’ve just opened a share dealing account.?

I am 18 years old, have read a few books on stock investing/trading and I have a few thousand pounds and a share dealing account with my bank. I am looking for any information on some stocks, either undervalued or penny stocks that I could buy now that will go up a lot of % as we pull out of the reccession and the economic system recovers? All help welcome. Thanks.

It is great that you have done some homework on the subject and that you are planning for the future.
However, if anybody could answer your specific question, they would not be wasting their time answering the question, they would be buying the stocks in question and making big money right now.
Nobody can predict the future performance of any stock. By definition, the value of shares today reflects all the available information, including current expectations for the future. Therefore a stock that is expected to perform well during a recovery will already be valued higher than a stock not expected to do particularly well.
One advise on stock picking: look around you – what are the brand names that you and your friends seem to want to own? Look for those companies to grow in the future and do well.

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