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stocks market
What stocks to invest in for the Stock Market Game?

What stocks to invest in for the Stock Market Game?
I need some help! Any stock investors out there? What stocks should I invest in. The game ends in December so its not like I’ll be holding on to the stocks for a long time. I know you can’t predict the future, but just give me some suggestions. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Great question.
Energy for a short-term gain. Be advised that the tax rate is higher, but a profit will be worth it. Look at your total financial situation before proceeding forward.

The demand for energy is increasing with the falling temperatures. OPEC will really put the boots to us this winter-I have a feeling….so try oil.

Clothing, grocery and specialty food companies may also see an increase. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, buy stock in Target, The Christmas Tree Shop, Michael’s Arts and Crafts…..

Stock market for beginners

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