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The first continuous trading on a stock exchange was done in the 17th century in Amsterdam. Prior to this, in 13th century France, product traders used to meet in a house which they later called “Bruges Bourse”. Nowadays, stock markets can be found in most countries but the biggest markets can be found in the United States, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.

Long before the advent of online stock market investments, trading was done by individual buyers and sellers. These were business people who did their own trading activities. Later on, as participants in the stock market increased, stock brokers began to represent individuals and big businesses who were interested in stock trading. A wealthy businessman has his own set of stock brokers representing his business interest in the world’s big stock markets. Brokerage houses were then established to cater to the increasing demands of the trend. These big firms are called brokerage houses and examples include Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Charles Schwab.

Due to the Internet’s capacity to connect many people from different places at the same time, the process of buying and selling stocks has become faster, easier and less expensive. Online stock market investing has made the stock market more accessible to the average person who other wise would not have been able to invest in stocks because of its unique features compared to the traditional stocks trading.

Online stock market investments are easier  due to the instant access to information via the internet. If a buyer or seller decides to do an online trade, they don’t have to ring there stock broker anymore. A traditional stock broker may charge around $100 per trade, were as an online trade may be as low as $10 per trade. Online stock market trading) allows investors to do all transactions in front of the computer. Online stock market investors can check and manage there stock portfolio in real time using a computer with an internet connection. Most stock trading firms have an online trading platform that they make available to there customers.

Online stock market investing has made the business of trading easier, faster, and cheaper. An investor who does online trading will not need to call his broker to conduct business. All you have to do is go to your brokers online platform and place your buy or sell orders and they will be processed in real time.

These online stock market brokers or stock market websites, as they are called, also contains a lot of additional services in their websites. They can provide online stock market trading) with stock market information, and other relevant insights.

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