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Accurate Decisions Come From Precise Investment Research

Over 20 years ago, I became involved with investing after my husband passed away. I had two toddlers to take care of all by myself at the age of 30. I had no career experience despite my earning of several degrees. The only resource I had to take care of us financially was my husband’s life insurance policy. I wanted to stay home with my young children for several years, and I needed the policy money to support my family during this time; I knew I would have to come up with creative means to make the money work for me. My plan was to make the money work for us during this time, and then, when my children were of school-age, I would begin working. Investment Newsletter

I had the insurance policy funds, so I began to learn about the art of strategic investing. I consulted with several investment fund consultants, and began receiving their investment research materials. Every month, I received copies of financial newsletters, stock newsletters, and investment newsletters. After I read through the information in the newsletters, I tried to use my knowledge to make better decisions about my financial portfolio.

However, I discovered that the investment research materials didn’t lead me into better decision-making. I believed that was the whole point of strategic investing: to make good, sound, data-driven decisions that would make my portfolio stronger. However, I felt that the investment research provided to me by the various funds just wasn’t up to par.

I received those investing newsletters, stock market newsletters, and financial newsletters monthly, and they all lacked information. Very rarely did the researchers identify specific industries or companies that I needed to pay attention to. For the most part, they instead just gave me a broad overall picture of the market. I felt that the investment research didn’t discuss how markets reacted historically when they were placed under similar circumstances; this seemed to be important information that was lacking. I wondered if the researchers were making inaccurate predictions due to this lack of hindsight. Strategic Investment

My life changed when a friend recommended the My Strategic Forecast website. She told me that for several years she had subscribed to their services, and she was very pleased with the firm’s investment research materials. After she told me about her My Strategic Forecast experience, I visited the website as soon as I arrived home.

When I visited the My Strategic Forecast website, I learned about their innovative approach to investment research. My Strategic Forecast’s research group also focuses on non-economic factors that may effect financial markets; these factors include geophysical concerns, solar-geophysical data, and political elements. These factors all could have profound impacts upon the financial markets’ directions, yet other research teams rarely consider these elements. My Strategic Forecast’s research group also considers historical market movements, which impressed me greatly. They also feel that they could better understand the typical dips and swings a financial market will take if it is affected by certain pressures. Investment Research

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