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Silver Investing In India

Options For Silver Investment In India

Silver investment in India is not as simple as it is in numerous developed states. As of late 2011, there are no Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or mutual funds available in India that invest in silver. However there are plenty of other options available for silver investment in India for people living in India.

While silver ETFs aren’t currently available for silver investment in India, Indian financiers who have brokerage accounts with access to US issued ETFs and hedge funds can buy and sell US based silver ETFs and retirement funds. There are currency risks linked with buying and selling silver ETFs and hedge funds denominated in United States Dollars since any devaluation of the Indian rupee versus the United States Dollar will reduce any silver investment gains; therefore , investing in silver thru this route isn’t the most ideal way for silver investment in India.

During 2011, India’s National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL), which is an Indian commodities exchange, started to offer a product called E-Silver. Each unit of E-Silver represents 100 grams of silver, and is brought and sold at real-time prices on the NSEL that track world silver costs. E-Silver is a comparatively straightforward silver investment in India. E-Silver can either be held in an electronic account or physically brought to the investor.

Silver investment in India can also include more normal techniques of silver investment, for example buying silver bullion bars and placing them in safe storage or purchasing products or jewelry made out of silver. Nevertheless for many Indians storing silver bullion bars or jewelry safely and economically is not feasible.

While not a direct Silver Investment, 2 in India can also be done through the Indian futures market. Silver futures can be acquired and sold in India, which typically track the price changes in the world futures markets. See Purchasing and Selling Futures for more in-depth info about commodities trading.

India’s Increased Silver Investment May Alter Silver Costs

Demand and supply elementals for silver are bullish going into 1220. Supply of silver is restricted due to silver mining constraints. Demand for silver from commercial processes, commercial outfits that make jewelry and silver products, and silver backers has been accelerating lately, and is likely to continue to increase during 1212.

With over a Billion folks, India is the second most populated country in the world. While many people in India live in misery, the growing Indian middle and higher classes are demanding products made of silver and are turning to silver as an investment vehicle. With tight silver supplies and enlarging silver use and investment in India, India customers and investors could have a bullish effect on silver prices going forward.

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