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Who Is James Connelly?

In this write-up I am going to let you know some cool things James Connelly and just how this guy quickly went from possessing very little wealth being a scholar, to buying and selling his route to over a million dollars in 13 months with a unique system that he developed on his own. If you’re interested in penny stock investing tips you will love this story.

When he was only nineteen years of age, this guy was learning and really going well at it. In actual fact he found it pretty easy and for this reason doing studying in time became tedious. young James Connelly looked for a fresh challenge which would get him fired up again. This man discovered it when he started looking at trading shares for financial gain.

It’s true that the stock exchange wasn’t something that James rapidly opted to take a serious interest at just nineteen. This man had in point of fact been taken with it years previously and found the idea of generating heaps of cash from it an absorbing and thrilling proposition.

He started to take a look at techniques that would identify stocks that were in a position to breakout. Exactly what this means is a penny stock that appears like it is going to soon break out of a trading range or previous high. Once penny shares rise above these defined levels, they have no previous history so they could rise dramatically.

Mr. Connelly started out by starting a client trading account using a stockbroker during his first year at college. James started tentatively and kept his stakes relatively small until he possessed sufficient market knowledge and experience to profit regularly enough to scale things up and go in bigger.

After considerable researching, study and experimentation, James Connelly stumbled across four key variables which would greatly help him select a a break-out penny stock with a high degree of confidence. By looking at these key variables and placing trades accordingly, he was able to place consistent and financially profitable stock trades.

Penny Stock Prophet

As opposed to offering his stock picking system, James opted to start up a members service you can read about by heading over to Penny Stock Prophet Review, however it’s a stock newsletter that provides penny share alerts to customers on a weekly basis in addition to updates on penny shares determined by his system. Once you are a customer, James shows you how to create limit orders and provides research on the stocks he has selected.

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