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stock research
what is a good stock to invest in for stem cell research, or any good penny stock for that matter.?

like many people ive felt the wrath of the economy but at this point with how much ive lost, id like to make some re-gains. if anyone knows good penny stocks to buy into or somthing that may deal with stem cell research since this ban being lifted, please let me know… thank you.

LOL, I take it you haven’t been following stem cell research. There is an interesting phenomenon that sends many researchers to non-embryonic stem cells. Something in the embryonics tend to cause a large number of tumors. There are stem cell products on the market and doing well in tests right now that use stem cells harvested or accessed in place from skin cells, fat cells, and bone marrow cells, among a few others. The problem investing in them is that some of the processes are unpatentable (as in occuring naturally). Some of the big Pharma had been burned by both public pressure and poor results while using the available embryonic cell pools, so they want the little guys to fight the battles and let them buy the successes out later. Right now most of the good stuff is owned by hospital and university research labs. These want their share of scientific glory before accepting bids for the rights. Proving something to the scientific community is one thing, but to run the tests that agencies like the US FDA are an entirely different hurdle.

Don’t hold your breath.

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