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Penny Stocks???

I was thinking about signing up for either Peter Leeds or Global Penny stocks. Has anyone used these sites and how would you rate them? Or know of any other good ones?

Listen !
Dont ever pay for any type of investment service. “NEVER”
Big board,Bue Chip and Penny.
What people need to do more of is research and verification.
I have made a nice living in penny stocks.
But what it takes is Due Diligents, Phone calls, personal vists and Research. If you dont have the resources to do this dont invest in penny stocks.
2 Penny stocks in the last 8 weeks have crushed investors
with millions of dollars in losses. (CKYS and SLJB)

There is only one penny stock I like for this year its
PBLS (Phoenix Associates)
I have done 2 years worth of research and Investigation on
It has more going than most AMEX stocks.
I call it my “AMEX stock in penny clothing”
@ .019 represents the best value in the market.
I would say to all do a few days worth of research on PBLS.

This will show you what getting off your lazy duffs and working for your investments does verses paying a paid tout to tell you what to invest in.

Never invest in “ANY” stock through Tout, Tip and or rumor.
Invest in it through hard work and focus.
If you put a little time into your investments they will pay you better returns.

Keep an eye on PBLS for the next few months.
It will tell all if I am the local fool or the resident genius.


Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. (MDIN) Penny Stock Trading Chart_3/1/2013

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