Penny Stocks Of 2011

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Why has Ford stock QUADRUPLED in the past 12 months, while GM and Chrysler went bankrupt?

Pelosi took to the podium the day after Election Day saying we must “rescue” the auto makers by nationalizing them.

GM and Chrysler accepted her “rescue,” and they went bankrupt.

Ford turned down her “rescue,” and they just posted a ONE BILLION DOLLAR profit.

Ford Earns $997 Million, Projects Solid 2011 Profit

While Pelosi was on her shopping spree for auto makers, what if the government had put one-quarter of the bailout money in Ford common stock and just LEFT IT ALONE without micromanaging Ford?

The money in Ford stock would now be worth THE ENTIRE BAILOUT.

The government could sell its Ford stock today and PAY FOR THE ENTIRE AUTO MAKER BAILOUT of the failed GM and Chrysler, and not one penny of taxpayer money or borrowed money would have gone down the pit on the car company bailouts.

But that didn’t happen, did it.

This is a classic example of how Democrats bankrupt us.

Ford listened to the customers and looked at their competition and changed their course accordingly.

GM, Chrysler just kept putting out the same old junk.

How to Recognize Penny Stock Dilution

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