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Spa Cap Covers: Essential Facts About Hot Tub Covers

I was able to see an interesting promotion online yesterday which says, “Heavy Broken Spa Covers Waste Energy”. I found out that they are selling rigid spa covers when I checked on their website. I know that these covers will end up heavy and broken in two years, and yet the ads still continue selling the same covers. Probably they still have more stocks of this products and wishing that costumer will not distinguish. A replacement hot tub covers for the old one that you have right now is necessary and yet they keep selling the same hot tub covers that no longer use for you.

Once you were able to read spa cap reviews, you will be inform about the trap moisture in the foam is the reason why it’s getting heavy. The board made of rigid foam is usually used to trap moisture such as for refrigeration storage areas. It cools the storage area, but keeps the client area warm. However, this insulation type does not involve hot moist air unlike what is happening in spa. No matter how long it is used but not wet, its insulation works excellently. But still, if the foam wet with moisture, similar to the ones used to cover the spa; it is not a good insulator anymore.

Try putting the rigid foam over warm water that produces steam makes the foam wet because the steam will condense on the foam. Molecules of steam are smaller than the molecules of water therefore it can occupy the spaces faster than water. For this reason, the moisture will condense and goes back to the hot tub and once this happen; it will cool down the water of the hot tub. It is then you will distinguish that moisture will condense on the foam which makes it heavy. If this happens, the insulating capacity will reduce.

The snow will not melt and you kept thinking that its insulation is still working as its best. When snow falls on the spa cover, the moisture that stays there freezes since it is directly situated on top of the cover. However, you may not aware that steam from warm water will evaporates and once it cooled, it will falls back to the hot tub which makes the warm water cool.

If this is the case, carrying the heavy spa cover will makes you tired and will no longer useful. It is better for you to look a better one to replace the one you have right now. Buy the spa cover that will insulate the water and is not made of rigid foam. Consider the energy you will be able to save and at the same time be able to save money from electrical bills.

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