How To Do Penny Stocks

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How long do pump-dump for penny stocks usually last?

I found one stock that allowed people to buy their shares as of last year in June. As of Last December the stock kept going up and today it’s still going up. Is this a pump and dump OR do pump-dumps only last a few weeks before the stock dumps? Can pumps last many months? Or it can’t be a pump-dump? The stock is a Pink-OTC market. So my question is typically how long do pumps last in pump-dumps before they dump?

If you like to invest in penny stock you should invest in Evolution Fuels Inc (EVFN) $.0001 because it as the lowest and it no long going down. if you look as the graph it show every few years it have very high increase in price. such as $1.40-$2.60. so in you bought $100 stock as $.0001 which equal to 1000,000 share in few year you sell it $1.40 year earn $1,400,000. the cost is low but earning it way up there.

How To Make Money Online: Trade Penny Stocks: Learn How

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