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Where can i invest in penny stocks?

I thought it would be fun to gamble on some penny stocks, not the stocks these are PENNY stocks meaning that they sell for very little. I don’t need to know what to look out for, I just literally need to know WHERE to go to actually place an investment…? Is there a penny stock website for this? I get a weekly newsletter for penny stocks but i don’t really know where to actually go to invest… Please help.
Do you have experience with penny stocks? Anyone?

All registered broker/dealers are required by law to provide their customers access to the various markets including the penny stock market. Although very few brokerage firms like their clients dealing in such markets and do whatever they can to discourage such activities.

So to answer your questions – All brokerage firms have access to the penny stock markets

No there is no “penny stock” there are some that provide penny stock information

Penny stocks are fun to trade, but no one should consider them as an Investment

Yes I have 45 years of securities experience including penny stocks

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