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PayLess Supermarket Launches ‘Mission: Zero Bags’ in Guam

According to a report, PayLess Supermarkets introduced a new environmental effort known as ‘Go Green’ in order to encourage the usage of reusable bags over disposable plastic or paper bags. The new promotion unveiled by the grocery store chain is known as the ‘Mission: Zero Bags’ and institutes a 5 cent discount for consumers who bring in their own reusable bags. The mission begins on January 25 and is going to be held in several parts of Guam. In attempts to completely eliminate the utilization of plastic shopping bags, PayLess Supermarkets has arranged a number of functions to educate and encourage the residents of this tropical island.   

Actions adopted by PayLess

The choice to add the five cent discount is a corporate decision which PayLess is proud to make.  The grocery store at the moment supplies high quality plastic bags that are bio-degradable but harmful to the environment nevertheless. Kathy Sgro, Chairman and Executive Vice President of PayLess Supermarkets recently detailed the aims of Mission: Zero Bags. A ticker tape is going to be put into each PayLess Supermarket shop in Guam and will display the total number of plastic shopping bags presently in use. This number is anticipated to continuously drop and finally reach zero bags.

This approach is expected to take some time, so to facilitate the job, the company has devised a number of incentives to kick off the event. With roughly 275,000 customers typically patronizing PayLess Supermarkets, the introduction of the 5 cent discount could sway the majority of the clientele. A significant number of the customers presently bring multiple-use bags when shopping at PayLess, but through the green days activities, the grocery store chain hopes to influence lots of others. The firm is likewise in talks with some other retail stores and companies and hopes that they will take similar steps.

Green days with PayLess

On the first day of the celebration, the supermarket chain is going to sell multiple-use shopping bags for a small price of 75 cents rather than the standard 99 cent cost. The Green Army from the University of Guam will also be represented at the affair to inform the general public about the promotion and its long term aims. At the celebration, eco promo items like paper with seeds and recycling bins will be given away absolutely free with each purchase of $20 and over. Plastic bags won’t be offered on green days but customers will be free to use recycled brown paper shopping bags by donating five cents to the cause. PayLess will arrange this launch on the final 2 Wednesdays of each month between February and June. After June, the activity will be taking place every single Wednesday.  

Just where the dollars will go

Sgro stipulated that virtually all the donations gathered from green days is going to be used to benefit the community. Proceeds is going to be given to non profit organizations focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Donations will also be given to green organizations in various high schools within Guam. Sgro reiterated that each and every cent amassed from the consumer will be used to set up grants for educational facilities as well as better the community.

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