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Micro Cap Trader Review

If you’re considering Micro Cap Trader stocks, aka penny stocks, online and have only a little bit of money to trade then microcap stocks are perfect because they are low in price. The stock doesn’t have to move much for you to make money.

It’s common sense that an increase of five cents to ten cents is much easier to achieve with penny stocks than an increase of one hundred to two hundred dollars with blue chip stocks. The attractive thing about penny stocks is that it is possible to purchase small and trade for just a little bit of money to realize a profit.

Day trading penny stocks is a lot riskier than trading blue chips but the reward is substantially higher. To be successful though you need to be good at researching the companies because for the most part these companies are unregulated and it takes a ton of digging to get to the truth. You can use a broker who knows the market well or subscribe to a newsletter service that has a track record of making its subscribers money.

A reputable newsletter will provide a lot of insight into stock investing. As a trader you should pay attention to whatever stocks the newsletter service offers. Don’t trade them blindly. Pay attention to what is happening within the company whose stock you will trade. Are there any warning signs such as layoffs, store closings, financial shenanigans? In other words, is the company showing any signs of trouble? Use all the tools you have in your arsenal, such as, technical analysis, fundamentals and stock charts. A good newsletter service will provide you with that information right to your e-mail. Before you subscribe though make sure you know exactly how they are picking their penny stocks. You want to avoid the pump and dump shops.

Also, do some research and learn how to excel at penny stock day trading yourself. You will find some sites that offer memberships and these services can offer benefits such as helpful tips and low-risk strategies, hot picks, recommendations and stock analysis. Getting this information will go a long way to make your online trading successful. Education is your strongest ally.

Don’t get “stars” in your eyes – only trade what you can afford to trade. Using what you can afford to lose has a very big benefit – it takes the fear and stress out of trading. If you are calm and calculating in your trading you will find that you have more winners than losers at the end of the day.

Of course if you want slow growth and security you might consider bonds or certificates of deposit, but the returns will be slow and not as dramatic as when Micro Cap Trader Review online.

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