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I have been actively participating in my financial well-being by making calculated decisions regarding my investment purchases. At first, I just participated in my company’s 401K program, and every so often I would purchase a CD. After securing my 401K, my co-worker told me to go see a financial planner; he gave me life-changing advice. The financial planner advised me that my investment strategy was not sufficient enough to retire upon. I could only count on earning approximately $400 per month from my investments if I were to retire at 65.  Strategic Investing

I was terribly shocked by this news. Based on this advice, I knew I had to change my investment strategy. Soon I began working with an investment brokerage that provided me with investment research. I actively perused the investment brokerage’s financial newsletters, stock market newsletters, and investing newsletters. Their research didn’t provide me with enough information to apply to my investment decisions.

I thought that the investment research lacked forward-thinking. I was dismayed when I realized that their research only paid attention to US economic forces; it did not recognize other elements that could have an effect. Another problem was that their research was posed only at very conservative, long-term investments. Conservative investments are fine, but I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity just because that investment has a higher level of risk. I felt that the investment brokerage only focused on conservative investments because they feared any risk. Only a lack of knowledge would cause the investment brokerage to be that conservative. Investment Newsletter

Due to my lack of real investment research, I began looking online for alternatives. I spent several hours a day searching for investment forecasts and reports before I found

Based on facts, My Strategic Forecast offers really valuable investment research. They take many factors into account besides economics when compiling their investment information. A mild storm season was predicted for the Alantic by meteorologists, as one example. This information was taken into account by My Strategic Forecast’s stock newsletter when they predicted a slight below average return for different types of home importvment companies. They also mentioned that a mild season is usually follwed by an active one. Due to this information I decided to hold onto my stocks to see what the following years storm season would bring. They ended up being right.

By using a historical perspective, My Strategic Forecast is able to provide all the necessary information to tell where the market is headed. Due to their ability to provide me with the big picture, I was able to make several decisions that helped enrich my portfolio substantially. Stock Market Newsletter

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