Best Penny Stock Picks

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Ideas for commercially desirable, technically & creatively easy shots?

I want to get accepted into so I can make a few pennies selling shots. The thing is, my submissions with my application tend to get rejected for various reasons.

– Saturated highlights (outdoors)
– Purple fringing (outdoors)
– Uncreative (indoors, outdoors)
– Not in demand and/or too much existing stock of similar shots.
– Hairs / specks of dust visible in the shot (clean lens, but I have a dog so surprisingly hard to overcome)

I’m leaning towards indoor shots, probably involving female hands holding something, very simple, clean shots. But I’d like to have a number of ideas, so I can pick out the best ones once I see my results.

Fingerprints usually end up visible, e.g. on wine glasses. I don’t know how professionals do it! I’m trying to work on my photoshop skills, but I’m just not getting the knack. Thanks

Use this as a learning experience to correct your errors and learn how to take better images rather than look for the easy way out. You have identified your flaws and weaknesses now learn from them. If you want things to be easy then please, find some other hobby to do. If you want to really get somewhere with what you’re doing then learn from your mistakes and keep trying.

Taking the easy and lazy way out does no good for anyone.

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