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penney stocks
stock market question? specifically about retailers?

I have a question on what a “share means” in the stock market and when I look at stock quotes for
Macy’s it says $18.01, +2.91%….
J.C.Penney it says $31.21, +6.19%
Kohl’s it says $55.52, -0.94%

What does the $18.01 mean? Is the 2.91% the rise in sales from last year on this specific date? Is $18.09 good? Why is it way lower than JCPenney or Kohl’s? Please help

The $18.01 is the price of one share and the +2.91% is how much the price has moved from the previous trading day, in other words it gained 2.91% from the previous day. The price of a stock is just the price of that stock, a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better or worse than any other stock, its just the price that you’ll have to pay to buy that stock.

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