Purchasing Penny Stocks

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How do you purchase penny stocks without a commission charge and/or large deposit?

I know penny stocks are risky but i am actually looking for a list of brokerage companies that have a small or no commission charge and a small deposit.

You can not.

Brokerage firms are in business, like any other company, to make money, One means brokerage firms have to make money is to charge a commission for letting the general public trade securities.

There are cost involved in the buying and selling of securities, brokerage firms need to charge commissions to cover the cost of clearing the buying and selling transactions.

It brokerage firms to open, maintain and insure accounts, therefore they do need a deposit to open accounts.

Penny stocks are costly to clear, and are not very profitable for brokerage firms, therefore the commission is higher on low priced stocks.

If you’re going to play in the penny market, you have to pay to do so

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