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what would you do with $250?

lets say you had $250 in an E-Trade account? what would you do with it? im starting small, VERY SMALL and i know it, but i want to get my feet wet while i learn about investing. but i do want to dabble instead of sitting around watching the paint dry. so the question remains, what kinds of stocks would you invest in? would you buy low and instantly sell as soon as something goes up, i think i have 100 free trades so i could maybe turn $250 into quite a larger amount if i pick good movers right? hints tips advise and past experiences are very welcome!!! also if you have input on these stocks, plz give me some knowledge. REED, SIRI, QUIP???? any other tips or penny stocks to look at??????

This is the kind of stuff I read at market tops. Since the market has dropped a lot, I am concerned that we are headed lower still.

The gold bugs are coming out in drowns now AFTER a 7 year run in gold.

etrade actually let you open an account with $250? Dang they must be desperate.

First even with your 100 free trades or so, you don’t have a margin account you have a cash account. This means you can buy and sell one time per day.

Odds are with no experience, and limited technology, whatever you buy will prob fall. That is just how the market is trending right now.

Next, stay away from penny stocks.. See my prev posts on penny stock faq.

You really don’t have the money to trade. I would save it, or put it in a Roth IRA and index it (S&P500), then wait.

Good Luck! :)

PS Ignor all the spam posts that tell you to trade (currency) Forex. Avoid all the hyped get rich website schemes.

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